WREN (Western Regional Epidemiology Network) started in 1983 as a one-day addition to the West Coast Epidemiology conference. As the focus of West Coast Epi was on communicable diseases, an alternative organization was needed to address other public health issues.


WREN is an annual informal gathering of local, state, federal, and tribal health professionals on the front lines of environmental and occupational health, toxicology, injury and chronic disease prevention, exposure assessment, emergency preparedness, and disaster epidemiology. From a one-day conference of about 20 people, WREN has grown to two and a half days during its heyday and more than 60 attendees.


We meet each May to share our work, current projects, and to discuss mutual problems and emerging issues. The duty of hosting rotates between the state health departments of California, Oregon, and Washington.


Participants include local, state, federal, and tribal epidemiologists, research scientists, industrial hygienists, health educators, managers, emergency responders, and others. We have also had participants from local and state environmental departments, state OSHA programs, ATSDR, NIOSH, and attendees from Nevada, Utah, Alaska, Arizona, western Canada, Russia, and China.

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