WREN 2012 Presentations (click on presenter's name to view PDF)

Thursday, May 17th

Joe "The Deadly Stripper: A Survey of Paint Stripping Products at Local Hardware and Paint Stores Prompted by Worker Deaths from Methylene Chloride Exposure"

Kwon "Welcome to the Hotel California: Chlorine Gas Release at a Hotel - California, 2012"

Smorodinsky "Spilling the Beans about HazMat Spills in California"

DuTeaux "The Emerging Threat of Chemical-Assisted Suicides"

McDermot "Sub-County Estimation of Chronic Disease Risk: Asthma, Diabetes, Obesity"

Wolff "Drinking Water Systems Geographic Reporting Tool"

Macdonald "Data Policy Issues in the Tracking Network: A Potpourri of Conundrums?"

Bardin "Expanding Data Availability and Developing a New Indicator for Outdoor Air Quality on the Washington Tracking Network"

Emery "Kern County’s Second Great Epidemic"

Bonilla "Changes to Tick-Borne Disease Public Health Messaging in Response to an Emerging Rickettsial Pathogen"

Towle "Review of Work-related Poisoning Exposures Reported to a Poison Center Helpline, Colorado, 2000-2010"

Jenks "Bringing Environmental Public Health Home: Addressing Environmental Health Hazards in Homes in Washington State"

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