WREN 2010 Presentations (click on presenter's name to view PDF)

Thursday, May 13th

Solet, "Health Disparities in King County: How Do We Compare? (Work in Progress)"

Sitaker, “Chronic Disease Disparities in Washington State: Exploring Changes Over Time”

Kemple, “Trends in Obesity among Black Adults in Washington State, 1990-2008”

Green, “Putting Young Worker Health on the Map: Occupational Injuries to Oregon Workers 24 Years and Younger, 2000 - 2008”

Dobraca, “Regulatory Requirements and Mid-Response Realities: Lessons on Protecting Health Care Workers During 2009 Pandemic Influenza A (H1N1) Virus in California” 

WITHDRAWN Mendell, “Respiratory and Allergic Health Effects of Dampness, Mold, and Dampness-Related Agents: a Review of the Epidemiologic Evidence”

Hanni, “Using and Improving Early Aberration Reporting System (EARS) for Local Public Health Biosurveillance” (speaker substitute: Barnes)

Kelsey, “A Toolkit for Rapid Epidemiologic Assessment Using 30 by 7 Cluster Samples”

Heumann, “Disaster Epidemiology: an Emerging Discipline to Enhance Public Health Emergency Preparedness Planning, Response, Recovery, and Evaluation”

Friday, May 14th

Rubado, “Measuring the Built Environment – Indicators for Urban Oregon”

Smorodinsky, “Everything You Wanted to Know about Zip Code Use in Public Health and Were Afraid to Ask”

McDermott, “Socioeconomic Risk of Chronic Disease in Washington State: a Multi-Level Modeling Approach”

VanEenwyk, "Methods and Findings from the Washington Adult Health Survey”

Ta, “Investigation of Human Health Effects from Potential Exposure to Akashiwo sanguinea – Washington State, 2009”

Cude, “Harmful Algae Blooms in Oregon: Don’t Get Slimed!”

McNeel, “Cyanobacterial Toxins in 2 California Reservoirs – Assessing Toxin Exposure to Recreational Water Users”

Ujihara, "An On-going Investigation of Mercury Exposure from Skin Lightening Cream in Hayward, California”

WITHDRAWN Gassel, "Marine Debris in the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre"

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