WREN 2008 Presentations (click on presenter's name to view PDF)

Thursday, May 15th


Boudreau, “Western regional focus of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health”


Heumann, “The evolution of emergency preparedness in public health”


Garland, “Integrated GIS solutions, Oregon Public Health Division's experiences”


Ossiander, “The effect of vehicle incompatibility on motor vehicle fatalities”


Purcell, “An overview of non-motor vehicle bicycle crashes in Oregon”


Fitzsimmons, “Occupational heat-related illness in California”


Vork, “A simplified steady state modeling approach for estimating Benzo(a)pyrene and lead in human milk resulting from long term chronic exposure to the mother”


Hoshiko, Roundtable: “Radionuclides in baby teeth: environmental exposure markers and association with childhood cancer"

Friday, May 16th


Smith, “An investigation into pancreatic cancer in Oroville, CA”


Tsongas and Boswell, “Risks of acute injury for responders to hazardous materials releases in Oregon, 1993-2005”


Kent, “An evaluation of fish mercury advisories: relaying complicated and sometimes contradictory information to the public”


Smorodinsky, “Fish consumption and mercury exposure among pregnant women in a Sacramento, CA clinic – WREN Part II”


Maxwell, “Lead in Mexican candy in Oregon”


Green and Walters, ”Pyrethrin and pyrethroid illnesses in the Pacific Northwest: A five year review”


Macdonald, “Creating a fully de-identified public use dataset (PUDS): Policy and practice”



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