WREN 2007 Presentations (click on presenter's name to view PDF)

Thursday, May 17th


Macdonald, “Emergency response in outbreaks of non-infectious conditions: a story of three outbreaks”


Trent, “Heat-related deaths associated with a severe heat wave – California, July 2006”


Zlot, “Family history of diabetes: Incorporating genomics data into the BRFSS”


Sitaker, “Socioeconomic disparities in health behaviors, access, and processes of care in Washington state adults with diabetes”


Schlag, “Evaluation of health effects of recycled waste tires in playgrounds”


DuTeaux, “The Sacramento train trestle fire: How to keep public health interests from being railroaded in an emergency”


Sun, “Introduction to public health emergency response and preparedness in China & Shanghai”


Heumann and Lee, Roundtable: “Public health emergency preparedness for chemical events"

Friday, May 18th


Smorodinsky, “California Environmental Health Tracking Program tools: Take Google, mix in pesticides, and voila! – a web-mapping service is born”


Broadwin, “To parcel geocode or Not to parcel geocode: That is the question”


Kirsch, “Lead brought home from work in California – Identification and prevention”


Copan, “Mercury exposure from fish consumption among low-income pregnant women in Sacramento, CA”


Anderson, “Radiological dispersion devices: Urban pathways analysis – challenges and issues”


Neutra, ”Bayesian and Toulminian critique of the IARC hazard identification scheme”


Purcell, “An evaluation of the adolescent suicide attempt data system: An issue of definition and nomenclature”


Chen, “Mysterious sudden death in Yunnan, China – Impression of field investigation”


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